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Joint Stakeholder Conference:

Nature-based solutions for sustainable nutrient management in agriculture towards eliminating soil, water and air pollution by nitrogen and phosphorus emissions

📍Agricultural University of Athens, Iera Odos 75, Athens, Greece

🗓27th September 2024

🤝organised by EU-funded projects: ECONUTRI, trans4num and PestNu

The Conference aims to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange and innovation across various sectors of the agricultural production chain.

The main objective of the conference is to bring togheter distinguised speakers from European countries and China, representing diverse segments of the agricultural industry:

  • Growers: Exchange knowledge and experience about cutting-edge cultivation techniques for sustainable nutrient management in agriculture while maintaining/increasing the competitiveness of European farmers
  • Advisors: Explore strategies for implementing nature-based solutions in plant nutrient management towards transformation to a more sustainable agriculture.
  • Industry Representatives: Discuss technological advancements, supply chain optimization, and market dynamics supporting nature-based solutions in plant nutrient management.
  • Researchers: Share groundbreaking research findings, innovations, and best practices to effectively control pollution of soil, water, and air by nutrient emissions from agriculture.
  • Public Sector Representatives: Collaborate on policy development, regulatory frameworks, and industry support aiming to mitigate the environmental impact of nutrient emissions in agriculture.

This Conference is organised as a satellite event of the I International Symposium on Protected Cultivation, Nettings and Screens for Mild Climates, which will take place in Athens from 23 to 26 September 2024, and is organised by the ISHS and the Agricultural University of Athens (

The official language for the proceedings of the conference will be English and the participation is free for everyone.

Check out the program below and fill in the registration form if you want to join the conference!

trans4num - joint conference