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trans4num will study

the NBS innovations, particularly those related to crop rotation and bio-based fertilisers

trans4num will use

the multi-actor approach to consider various societal concerns and interests related to NBS in agricultural nutrient management

trans4num will carry out

a systemic analysis and state of the art using a multi-level perspective for system change-transformation (SET concept)

trans4num selected four European NBS sites

Denmark, Hungary, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands

Why nature-based solutions?

EU societies face many challenges, such as climate change, loss of natural capital but also severe health issues and exposure to serious disasters, in particular in urban areas.

Nature-based solutions are expected to contribute to more resilient economies that warrant people's needs also in times of climate change and other risks.

Nature-based solutions in agriculture can help with climate change adaptation and disaster-risk reduction. Solutions include restoration, improved land management, carbon storage and conservation. In this context, the EU-funded trans4num project will study nutrient management techniques like bio-based fertilisers, sustainable crop rotation and optimisation of nutrient flows.